Fingal Old IRA Commemorative Society

We are a society dedicated to remembering the men and women from Fingal involved in 1916

We will be at Flavors of Fingal in Newbridge House. We will have memorabilia on display as well as drills being carried out. Hope to see you all there.

The society is a direct result of the Easter Rising back in 1916 and the activities of the Fingal 5th Battalion and its main role was to help the men and women from Fingal who took part in Rising .

'Many of the volunteers who fought for our freedom were experiencing real poverty and couldn't get work, so with the help of the society and the local community throughout Fingal, money was collected and given to help the Volunteers and there families to provide food, fuel for the fire also, if needed, towards funerals and also house repairs.;

Paul explained: 'The biggest undertaking was to help them get the military pension which they totally deserved.

'The first President of the society was Peadar O' Ceallaig and the first Chairman was Colm Lawless and one of our founding members was TD, Patrick J. Burke who helped the Society in every way , from raising money to exerting his influence on the society's behalf.
'After the Second World War ended, living standards began to improve.

'The society then decided to raise money to mark the spot were the Battle of Ashbourne was successfully fought and won in 1916 by the Fingal 5th Battalion.

So with the help of local communitys throughout Fingal and Ashbourne money was raised to build a fitting monument to honour the brave men and women who fought for our freedom, especially John Crenigan from Swords and Thomas Rafferty from Lusk who lost their lives at the Battle of Ashbourne,

'So in April 1959 the monument was unveiled by the then President of Ireland Sean T O' Kelly.

'The Society holds two annual masses and parades. The First is in a different parish in Fingal each year on Easter Sunday and the second in Ashbourne.
'Over the years, the society has erected plaques and memorials to honour the ones who lost their lives between the 1916 and 1921.'

Paul added: 'In September last year with the help of society member Peter Rooney from Oldtown, the Mollie Adrian stone was restored and cleaned up and this year, at the former army camp in Oldtown, the entrance was marked with the placing of a stone to acknowledge the camp that was set up by the Volunteers in 1916.'

He concluded: 'So with that been said I would like to thank everyone who is involved with the society from the committee members and the volunteers to all the people throughout Fingal and Ashbourne who turn up every year to our events and especially Fingal County Council who helps with providing grants and all the local elected Councillors in Fingal and Meath. The society is available when it is safe to do so support commemorative events and is open to all who hold its values.'