Wellness Lawn

Our scheduled events this weekend are: Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, DanceFit, Nutrition Advise, family fun fitness and strength and conditioning over the course of two days.

Fingal Sports Office

The Fingal County Council Sports Office is a dynamic and dedicated team, committed to promoting and enhancing sport and physical activity within Fingal County. As a vital part of the local government, the Sports Office aims to foster a healthy and active lifestyle among residents by providing a wide range of opportunities and support for sports clubs, schools, and the general public. Through our initiatives, programmes, and partnerships, the Sports Office encourages participation, community engagement, and active lifestyles, ensuring that Fingal remains a vibrant and thriving hub for sport and physical activity.

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Our schedule for the weekend:

Garden Games: 11am – 5pm

Nutrition Advice & Healthy Snack Demos: 11am – 5pm

Family Pilates: 1pm – 1.30pm

Family Yoga: 2pm – 2.30pm

Family Zumba: 3pm – 3.30pm


The Glow Zone Studio - We are a warm welcoming wellness studio in Swords, providing our community with the tools to build confidence, strength and inner glow. Affordable classes in Yoga, Pilates, guided meditation, personal training, dance fit, confidence coaching, feel good wellness days and much more! We offer courses within primary and secondary schools and workplace wellness programmes for businesses no matter how small or big. Fingal, let's get some feel good fabulous GLOWING on!

Our scheduled events this weekend are: Yoga, Pilates, DanceFit, family fun fitness and strength and conditioning over the course of two days.

12–12.30PM: YOGA
3–3.30PM: YOGA

Integrity Fitness is a community focused training gym located on Swords Main Street.

At just under 8000 square ft we provide gym memberships, fitness classes, small group personal training and personal training to a variety of different demographics. Through planned, progressive training we drive meaningful positive change to our members' long term physical health. We look forward to meeting everyone at Favours of Fingal and taking some of you through our unique training routines involving movement, breath work, strength work and cardiovascular training. On the day we will also have free giveaways and will be on the look for Fingals Fittest Family with a simple hanging and bike sprint which everyone and anyone can participate in.

Think you have what it takes?

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Power Down Schedule:

11:30 Yoga balance for seniors (30”)

12:15 Yoga balance for juniors (20”)

12:45 Standing yoga for seniors (30”)

13:15 Standing yoga for juniors (20”)

15:00 Power yoga for seniors (30”)

15:45 Power yoga for juniors (20”)

16:15 Stretch & relax for seniors (30/35”)

17:00 Big Stretch for juniors (20”)