Sensory Area (Quiet Zone)

Welcome to the Sensory Friendly Quiet Area at the Flavours of Fingal Festival
At Flavours of Fingal, we are dedicated to ensuring that every attendee has a delightful and inclusive experience. Over the course of our two-day event, we are proud to offer a special Free Sensory Friendly Quiet Area designed to provide a welcoming, calming, and safe space for individuals with additional needs. Nestled in the serene Walled Garden, this area will be a haven of tranquility amidst the festival excitement.

Relaxed Performances
Our Quiet Area will host several relaxed performances, allowing attendees to enjoy entertainment in a soothing environment. The lineup includes:
Silent Disco: Dance to your own rhythm with headphones, enjoying the music without the noise.
Storytelling: Let your imagination soar with gentle stories that captivate and calm.
Puppet Show: Delight in the charming world of puppetry with performances designed to be easy on the senses.
Circus Acts: Marvel at the skill and grace of circus performers in a relaxed setting.

Sensory Activities
We have thoughtfully curated sensory activities to engage and comfort:

Therapy Pets: Spend time with friendly animals, offering a sense of companionship and calm.
Sensory Toys: Explore a variety of tactile toys that provide soothing sensory input.
Bean Bags for Rest: Relax and unwind on soft, comfortable bean bags.
Colouring Books: Enjoy creative expression with colouring books designed to be relaxing and enjoyable.

Quiet Games
For those who prefer gentle play, our Quiet Area will feature:

Giant Connect 4: Engage in a fun, strategic game with oversized pieces.
Giant Jenga: Test your skills and enjoy the quiet challenge of building and balancing.
Sensory Packs
To ensure comfort throughout the festival, we offer sensory packs that include:

Headphones: To help manage sound levels and create a personal audio space.
Earplugs: For additional noise reduction.
Fairy Lights: Soft, twinkling lights to create a soothing visual environment.
We invite you to visit our Sensory Friendly Quiet Area at the Flavours of Fingal Festival, where you can enjoy a peaceful retreat filled with calming activities and gentle entertainment. Whether you’re looking to relax, engage in sensory play, or simply take a break from the bustling festival atmosphere, our Quiet Area is here to provide the perfect oasis.