Class 1

Poultry Poultry Keepers Club of Ireland Bird Classes

Show Rules

Advance Entry: €2.00 per egg/eggs x3 Entry on Day: €2.50 per egg/eggs x3Prizes: 1st: €6, 2nd €4, 3rd: rosette. Champion: €15 Reserve Champion: €10  Entries are open to members and non-members of the PKCI  Eggs may only be entered in 1 class  Plates will be provided for entries  All Eggs must be plated by 11.00 am sharp. Judging commences at 12 noon  Classes may be amalgamated where there are insufficient entries  Anyone interested in entering but cannot attend can also post their eggs to address below or a PKCI member may be able to arrange a meet up. Please contact show organiser in advance.  Judges decision is final  It is condition of entry that no entry may be removed before 5pm on Saturday. It would be greatly appreciated by show organisers if exhibitors could leave entries for both days but not compulsory

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Hard Feather

Advance Entry: €4.00 per bird Entry on day: €4.50 per bird. Prizes: 1st: €10, 2nd €8, 3rd: €5, 4th: rosette. Champion: €25 Reserve Champion: €15 Judge: Martin Farrelly

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Class 1: Hard feather Large Male/Female Entry Fee: €4.00 : Poultry Tent Enter Class Sponsor: AW Ennis. Erin Farm Feeds Prizes: 1st - €10 cash, 2nd - €8 cash, 3rd - €5 cash, 4th - 4th